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    Martina Niklis

    Oswords - Diving To The Point

    Dean Spillane Walker

    Poetry of Predicament

  • Examples - Interviews

    GEN Summit Online April 2021 - Clinton Callahan & Anne-Chloé Destremau interviewed by Ana Kovasna (Director of Education GEN Europe)

    Anne-Chloé Destremau interviewed by Dan Spillane Walker from Poetry of Predicament

    Clinton Callahan interviewed by Martina Niklis from Oswords - Diving To The Point

  • Experiments

    Experimenting means to practice simple skills that build into greater competence.

    Competence to one woman seems like magic to another.

    Magic is competence in an uncommon dimension.

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  • NOTE: This website is a Bubble in the Bubble Map of the free-to-play massively-multiplayer online-and-offline matrix-building thoughtware-upgrade context-shift personal-transformation game called StartOver.xyz, powered by Possibility Management. It is a doorway to experiments that upgrade your thoughtware so you can create more possibility. Your knowledge is what you think about. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up transformational feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it. Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code MAKEINTE.00 to log your Matrix Points at https://login.startover.xyz/. Thank you for playing full out!